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Organization / Scanning
We all have it, digital photos everywhere. Computers, cameras, phones. We help you organize and preserve your files. And if you have 13 versions of the same group picture from the family reunion, we’ll help you pick the top two or three from each scene and say goodbye to the rest. No worries though on any pictures being permanently deleted. We feel very strongly that it’s your job to press the delete button. We just give you the suggestion that some pictures may not be worth saving and what you do with them from there is up to you.

"Thanks so much for all of your help with this! I scanned a handful of pictures that I found after I gave you everything and it took me forever just to do that small amount – I could have never gotten through all the pictures you did for me – that was a huge help!" Kim

  • A Year in the Life

  • Scanning - Memories to Life

  • Scanning - Half Day

  • Under the Radar

  • Hourly Pricing

  • Quarterly Maintenance Plans

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A Year in the Life
A Calendar Year's Worth of Digital Photo Organization

We organize a calendar year worth of digital photos, up to 2,000
and burn them to a CD, flash drive or memory card.

Upon receiving your digital photos, we organize them into event folders or by calendar month. Within each folder we'll have a 'trash' bin for the extra shots that don't make the cut. Rest assured, you take out the trash.

Typically this process takes 10 - 14 days.


Additional Images and copies?

Have more than 2000 pictures? Don't worry, no judging here. We tidy each additional 100 images for $25.

Additional copies of CDs, Flash Drives or Memory Card. Price TBD.

Scanning - Memories to Life
From Paper Prints to Digital Files - the Petite Package

• 100 scans, all sizes up to 8 x 20.
• Custom file name/date, jpeg or tiff image, numbering.
• Up to 600 dpi.
• Saved on archival quality disk or EHD and 30 days of cloud storage included.

Scanning process is up to 10 days.

Additional copies of archival CDs
$8 each


Pixelwinx Contact Sheet

Would you like to see minitures of your photos? No problem. We can create 4x6 inch contact sheets with thumbnail pictures and files names. Looking for your favorite photo just got easy.


The digital world is great, but time gets away from us and ordering 4x6 prints or enlargements get put by the way side. Let us order your favorites, starting at .15 cents and up.

Scanning - Half Day
Get your scanning done without missing your favorite show on Netflix.

Your three hour time slot is customized to your needs. We will organize photos to scan or if you pre-sort, we are able to scan more photos within the 3 hour timeframe.
• We come to you.
• File name/date, jpg or tiff images, numbering, up to 600 dpi.
• Saved on archival quality disk or EHD and 30 days of cloud storage included.
• 500-750 loose print photos scanned (*final count varies for each client)

$350 -- 3 hours of scanning/sorting or both, ONE organizer

$400 -- 3 hours of scanning/sorting or both, TWO organizers

If travel time is over 30 minutes each way a travel charge of $25 is added.

Additional copies of archival CDs
$10 each

Under the Radar
This ones for you (you know who you are. :))

Feeling overwhelmed?

Don't know where to start? Need to budget a little bit every month? This is the plan for you. We create a custom, 12 month plan to figure out your priorities and establish a project plan for the year ahead. Now we can't promise that your other half won't discover our little 'secret' but we promise to make it manageable & 'start at the very beginning' - (picture Julie Andrews singing to you;)).

Hourly Pricing

• Sort through your boxes of printed photos.
• Training and tips with photo organization software.
• Organizing memorabilia.

$70 per hour

Quarterly Maintenance Plans
Keeps your photo organization going and up-to-date

Once current clients photo systems are completed and in place, we will visit
quarterly and:
• Upload new digital photos from devices.
• organize new photos.
• Upload photos for prints, if needed (print cost not included).

$125 quarterly (up to 3 hours each visit); $450 if entire maintenance plan purchased up front ($50 savings)